Research of the Division of Research Innovation and Collaboration

By making it easy to use high-power lasers anytime and anywhere, we will expand into fields such as manufacturing, infrastructure maintenance, medical care, and security. We develop lasers with various wavelengths and pulse widths and pursue new applications.

Division of Research Innovation
and Collaboration
Prof. Dr. Takunori Taira
  • <Application example 1>
    Smart welding system
    Laser welding detects welding failures during construction, thus shortening the construction time by removing the need for inspections afterwards. Combining this with a welding robot is in progress, enabling smart manufacturing.

  • <Application example 2>
    Laser peening
    Applying laser peening to aircraft structural members eliminates the need for large molding machines and dies. It is possible to produce a complicated three-dimensional structure while omitting a heat treatment step.

Image of an application of a tiny integrated laser

* The research above is being promoted in cooperation with the RIKEN SPring-8 Center (RSC) and the JST Mirai Project.