Director General,
Institute for Molecular Science 
Dr. Yoshihito Watanabe

Institute for Molecular Science (IMS) has served as a center of excellence to lead molecular science activities over four decades long. With the support from the community of related research fields, IMS will continue standing as a comprehensive open-use laboratory, providing a place of joint-research, exchanging global researchers and nurturing young scientists. IMS will further contribute to society through solving practical issues by applying results of fundamental research to a variety of application fields and implementing them in society.

Under this social mission, on April 1st, 2019, IMS established an open innovation base, the Division of Research Innovation and Collaboration. Operated by the Institute under the support from private sectors, the Tiny Integrated Laser (TILA) Consortium was launched to promote sharing information with relevant people and further conduct new research and implement its results in the society.

We hope you to understand the purpose of the TILA Consortium, the focus of its research, and the potential of applying tiny integrated laser. IMS welcomes you to join the Consortium.