(As of January 10, 2020)

Q:What is the purpose of the Consortium?

The Consortium was established in the Taira Research Group, Division of Research Innovation and Collaboration, Institute for Molecular Science, as a center for innovation using ultra-small laser technology in Japan, involving industry, academia, and government, and aims to support innovation with companies and other organizations promoted by the Taira Research Group.

Q: What specific support will be provided?

The Consortium is asked to support the following activities of the Taira Research Group of the Social Cooperation Research Division Deepening the development of high-brilliance pulsed laser technology, which is in high demand, and its application to society
・Promotion of joint projects with private companies, etc., mainly in the Chubu area
・Fostering high-level human resources related to laser technology and reeducation/training of corporate researchers
・Development of laser technology-related advanced human resources, and re-education and training of corporate researchers.
・Promote the use of our high-brilliance pulsed lasers by corporate researchers, etc.
・Creation, operation, and centralized management of intellectual property important for social implementation
・Activities of academic societies focusing on high-brilliance pulsed lasers and related technologies, etc.

Q: What are the benefits of joining the Consortium?

Members are entitled to use patent rights related to the Taira research group (including pending applications, and in cases where there are co-owners, limited to NINS’s share after consultation with the co-owners). The members are entitled to preferential treatment in the licensing of patents (including pending patent applications and, in the case of co-ownership, limited to the Institute for Molecular Science’s share), technical consultations, and joint research with the Taira Research Group. In addition, an exchange space is provided as a place for information exchange among members, and members have priority access to this space. For more information, please contact our staff in charge.

Q: How much are the membership fees?

It is 300,000 yen per unit/year.

Q: Are there both corporate or individual members of the Consortium?

Both corporate or individual membership is acceptable, but there is no difference in the amount of membership fee.

Q: Will the consortium have a corporate status separate from IMS?

No, it will not have a legal entity, nor will it be a voluntary organization outside of IMS; it will be a group of member companies that support the Taira Research Group.

Q: What will the Consortium’s membership fees be used for?

Membership dues are used as income for the IMS and for the operation of the Taira Research Group and the Consortium.

Q: When can I join the Consortium?

We accept applications at any time.

Q: Does the membership application form need to be in the name of the representative?

Please use the name of the person who represents the company (including those who have been delegated to do so).
Regardless of the name of the applicant, the membership will be registered based on the information in the Membership Information section. If a delegated person applies, please enter the name of the representative in the Membership Information section.

Example of an application by a delegated person
Organization name: Bunshiken Corporation
Title and Name of Representative: Bunshi Taro, Director, Central Research Laboratory
Member Information
Organization name: Bunshiken Corporation
Title and Name of Representative: Bunshi Hanako, President

Q:Is it possible to pay the membership fee for multiple years?

Yes, it is possible. Please consult with the person in charge in advance.

Q: If I pay the membership fee for multiple years in advance and decide to withdraw in the middle of the year, will I get my membership fee back?

If you withdraw from membership in the middle of a fiscal year, you will not receive a refund for that fiscal year, but you will receive a refund for the following fiscal year and thereafter.

Q: Can I withdraw from membership at any time?

In principle, the existence of the Taira Research Group is reviewed every five years, so we ask that you make your decision at that time if at all possible. Please note that if you withdraw from the group in the middle of a fiscal year, the membership fee for that year will not be refunded.

Q: Will the consortium conduct research?

A: No, the consortium does not conduct research, but if you wish to conduct joint research with the Taira Research Group, you will need to apply separately.

Q: What will be the treatment of intellectual property generated in connection with the consortium’s activities?

A: The consortium will not conduct research, but in the event that it does, it will be handled through consultation between the parties concerned in principle, and the handling of intellectual property related to NINS will be governed by the NINS Intellectual Property Policy (established April 1, 2004). The handling of intellectual property involved in NINS is governed by the NIN Intellectual Property Policy (established April 1, 2004). Intellectual property arising from research conducted solely by IMS as a result of the use of membership fees will belong to NINS. If a separate joint research agreement is concluded outside of the consortium activities, it will be governed by that agreement.